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Book Review: Glimpses of Eternity, by Dr. Raymond Moody

Book Review: Glimpses of Eternity by Dr. Raymond MoodyGlimpses of Eternity by Dr. Raymond Moody came out in October of 2010 and represents one of the first books to discuss the phenomena of ‘Shared Death Experiences’.   It is a fantastic compilation of stories of bystanders who witnessed death bed visions of the afterlife along with the dying person.

It is Raymond Moody’s belief that by studying these experiences, we will finally be able to prove life after death.  We here at SharedDeathStudy.org share Dr. Moody’s belief and it is the reason why we created the ‘Shared Death Study’.  We are the only site dedicated to the collection and scientific analysis of ‘shared death experiences’.

Readers of ‘Glimpses of Eternity’ will learn about deathbed moments where several family members see the room changes shape, or mist rising from the body as the loved one passes on.  Some experience themselves popping out of the body.  Others explain how they viewed a life review of their life and the deceased, in a 3d panorama.   The stories are compelling because they seem to point to answers to our deepest question about ourselves: what happens after we die?

It is our belief that ‘Glimpses of Eternity’ will help to broaden the discussion on NDEs by realizing that healthy living people are having the same experiences as those who have these NDEs and those who actually pass away as they describe what is happening to them.  The accounts in this book point to the idea that ‘near death experiences’ are not attributable to the dying brain hypothesis or any other materialistic explanation for the phenomenon, since healthy people who aren’t dying share the same experiences.

Background: Dr. Raymond Moody, NDEs and SDEs

Raymond Moody and Elizabeth KüblerRoss in the 1970s revealed to the world the reality of the Near Death Experience (NDE).  In fact, it was Dr. Moody who first coined the term ‘Near Death Experience’.  In his first book on the subject of NDEs, “Life after life” (1975), Moody showed how people all over the world had ‘died’ and came back to tell of strange ethereal worlds, beings of light, conversations with deceased loved ones, life reviews, and feelings of all-encompasing love.   The book was well received but the scientific community did not receive it with open arms since these experiences could not be replicated in any kind of lab environment.

During the 1980s, Moody began to hear stories of shared death experiences.  From then until now, he collected these experiences and added to these some accounts that he unearthed from the last couple of hundred years to form the bulk of the new book.  Seeing these stories side-by-side, one is able to see the commonality of the elements with each other and stories from NDEs.  Moody also includes some of the most often asked questions from his seminars and meetings:  Do you have to be religious to have the experience? Do they tell us something new about the afterlife?  How do you know people who claim to have had shared-death experiences aren’t lying?   Towards the end of the book, Moody discusses the latest scientific study by Jeffrey Long of NDERF that details nine lines of evidence that prove the existence of the afterlife (see Long’s book on the subject Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences).

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