Shared Death Experience Study

shared death experience‘Shared Death Study’  is the global shared death experience research study and story repository.  Shared death experiences (SDEs), are common death-bed visions and near-death experiences that family, friends and caregivers witness along with a person who is dying, as they pass, ‘temporarily’ or ‘permanently’  from this life to the next.  Some commonly reported shared death experiences typically include one or more of the following:

  • Room shape changes
  • Bystander(s) views mist rising from dying person’s body
  • Dying person telepathically communicates with bystander(s)
  • Bystander(s) leaves their body
  • Bystander(s) engulfed by intensely bright light that feels like absolute love.
  • Life review about dying person, the bystander(s) or both.
  • Bystander(s) accompanies the dying person through a tunnel to ‘heaven’.
  • Bystander(s) view or are otherwise aware of deceased relatives and friends in the room of dying person.

Dr. Raymond Moody who the New York Times calls “the father of near-death studies” claims that:

“It is the study of these experiences that may finally prove life after death.”

It is the aim of to collect as many shared death experience stories from all over the world, in as many languages as possible.  When participants add their stories, they are asked a specially designed list of questions that will help us to cross compare accounts so that we can deepen our understanding of this amazing phenomena that seems to be revealing what happens after we die.  Among other things, this study will look at shared death accounts and corroboration with other eyewitnesses and with the individual having the NDE or passing away.

Enjoy reading others accounts and adding your own!

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